IT professionals who register with us become our most valuable asset and are the core of our success. They are experienced, motivated...

If you are a company seeking competitive advantage via the Internet, let Tekpundits Inc.; explore the best route for you. We work to identify the soft spots in the market and drive our clients to them in order to gain competitive advantage. The backbone of any modern company is its systems and software. We work with our clients to assess their ongoing needs. We then conduct a needs analysis and make recommendations as to how they can gain traction by embracing a new technology or software platform. We will also evaluate your opportunities and create an eBusiness plan that includes:

            » Plan Profile
            » Value Proposition
            » Opportunity
            » Competition
            » Products and Services

Tekpundits can work with you to address crucial issues such as:

            » Software selection
            » Project management
            » Project and IT assessment
            » Internet strategy
            » Application portfolio management and selection
            » IT help desk
            » Advisory group
            » End-user training
            » Business Intelligence
            » Data Warehouse
            » Business process redesign


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